swetha July 15, 2018

Every student hates them, but they’re unavoidable in college…exams. They can make or break semester grades since some professors count mid-term and final exams as half, or even more, of your final grade. To make matters worse, exams are usually the most difficult aspect to a college course.

It’s gotten to the point where some students are physically affected by the pressure of taking an exam. This is commonly referred to as “exam anxiety” and its becoming increasingly common in the collegiate world.

So how can you score well on exams? Well, it’s actually not complicated and there are many helpful tools to assist you in your testing endeavors.

Here are some basic guidelines you should follow to boost your exam scores exponentially:

1.) Go to class!

This may seem simplistic and fundamental, but so many college students neglect actually going to class. This is becoming even more prevalent in today’s collegiate world since many assignments are posted online. However, nothing substitutes going to class and listening to the professor’s lecture. This is crucial to scoring well on exams since many professors put questions on exams that can only be answered from class discussions and topics not covered in the textbook. Therefore, make a point to attend class. It may be boring, but you’ll be thanking me come exam day.

2.) Get plenty of rest the night before an exam

Once again, a tip that seems simple, but so many college students fail to prepare themselves for an exam by not getting enough sleep. This results in being groggy and unable to focus during the exam. So, make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep before any big exam. Rest = mental focus and alertness = high exam score

3.) Relate the material to something you know

If you’re studying material that’s complicated or completely foreign to you, try and associate it with something you’re familiar with. Tie key terms to simpler concepts in areas you have knowledge in. This will make it much easier to remember the material during the exam.

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