swetha January 18, 2019

Where does a prospective student begin his or her own online college search? Many people will use a search engine, but there are a few factors to keep in mind when doing this. The first is that any school, college or university can use a search engine to draw attention to their programs. That is […]

swetha October 17, 2018

The college search is one of the first steps in college planning. It requires time, research, and trial and error. Some students have been thinking about certain colleges and universities long before they started the college planning process. Others come into the summer before their senior year having never thought much about where they would […]

swetha August 20, 2018

Almost as soon as high school begins students turn their attention to the college admissions process. There are plenty of places to turn for help – from counselors to older siblings and parents – but the college search can be overwhelming. Taking the first step can seem unachievable. The following tips aren’t the end all. […]